Saturday, February 5, 2011

Good News/Bad News

Can someone PLEASE explain to me WHY the phrase "I have some good news" is almost ALWAYS immediately followed by "and some bad news-which do you want to hear first"??  Yesterday quite by accident on my VERY own BLOG, I found out about a NEW Clinical Study (GAP) that is being conducted for Alzheimer's patents.. Of course I called right away, and guess what?? Mike QUALIFIED.. Now for the BAD news-the CLOSEST place they are doing the study is MIAMI!!!!!  Boo Hiss!!!  Get our hopes up only to DASH them moments later.. ALSO, on a different note, trying to save some time because our Dear Son and two beautiful grand daughters are coming in from CA. today, I laid out BOTH Mike's morning pills and mine-covered with a napkin on the table.. Lesson learned-that was NOT a good idea, as this AM his pills were all gone, mine were still under my napkin.. NOW for the dilemma-do I still give him his AM  pills, OR since I am pretty sure (90%) that he already took his last night before coming to bed-do I not him give any more till tomorrow, or do I risk an overdose???.. Decisions decisions-Woe is me. Hoping your day will be sunny and bright-Just Me

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