Friday, February 4, 2011

Hop Along adventure

I woke up this morning to Mike saying he could not walk.. After asking him a battery of questions and checking out his foot and ankle, I decided to soak it-BIG mistake.. You are NEVER suppose to soak extremities (or so I just found out). R I C E is the correct proceedure.. Rest Ice and two other things which have now slipped my mind. Could I be having a Senior Moment???  Any how I first called my Daughter, then my sister who said I should see if his Dr. could see him before the week end.  Sounded like a good idea, since I had NO idea what was causing the swelling and pain in his foot.. I got an apt. with his Dr., so  I decided to go get my hair cut (I already had an apt.).  While I was gone, my Son in law (a WONDERFUL young man who also happens to be a PA) came by to check on Mike.. I did not know he was coming, so I did not cancel the Dr.'s Apt.. We went, and the Dr. ordered some X-Rays, and pretty much word for word said the same thing my Son in Law had.. LONG story shorter-it was AFTER 6PM by the time we got back home.. Then time to fix dinner give Mike his meds. and put ice on his boo boo.. BOY do I need a foot rub!!!  AH, the life of a caregiver!!!  I know I will sleep well tonight-hope you all will to.. Just Me

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