Monday, February 7, 2011

Helpful Numbers

Hello and Good Morning!!  It will be a busy week with my son and my two BEAUTIFUL grand babies in town, so I thought I would just write about some helpful phone numbers just in case any of you might need them.. First is 211. They can direct you to the phone numbers you need for crisis abuse of any kind, and any elder help issues.  They also will prepare you taxes for FREE!!
Next is the phone number for Seniors First (407) 6282884.  They offer many services also free, and much helpful information as well.. Then there is Florida Respite co. (407) 740-8909 for those who are Disabled and or have Special needs. Also there is Home Stead Senior Care at (407) 445-8885, Share the care (407) 423-5311, and Partner's in health care at (407) 788-9393. They ALL provide light house cleaning chores and other needed services. Lastly and often FORGOTTEN-the VA!!  They have a LOVELY facility, and if you have plans to go on a trip, and can not take your spouse (Or the one you are giving care to), they are able to stay at the VA facility for a maximum of 13 days-of course they would have to be a member of the VA (have a VA card)...Well, I truly hope this information will be of help-I would truly welcome any comments, or suggestions for my Blog.. Please tell us what is important to YOU as a care giver?? What are some of the issues YOU are facing???  Please share, there is help out there, and together we can find it.. Have a Blessed day-Just Me

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